Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Phantom Ghost

The other night, we found a box of goodies sitting on our doorstep with a halloween poem. The poem basically says, You've been hit by the phantom ghost, now it's your turn to leave some goodies on 2 other people's doorsteps and run away before they see you. Put this ghost (pictured above) in your window so others know that you have been hit by the phantom ghost.
We made some Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars to take around. But of course I needed to make something to put them in. So, I got a large envelope and made a large bagalope. In an earlier post I did a tutorial on how to make bagalopes with regular size envelopes. I wanted to post a picture so you could see the large envelopes.

I did line the inside with wax paper before putting the cookie bars inside. The dropping of the goods and knocking and running was a success. We never got spotted. A fun thing to do with the kids.

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Anonymous said...

Cute idea!