Saturday, October 27, 2007

Here's A Tip

People always ask me, "I never know what to do with the handmade cards that people send to me. I hate to throw them away, they put so much time into them . They are really cute, but I can't keep them on my fridge/shelf forever."

Here's my tip: Keep the one's that are near and dear to your heart. Put them in a scrapbook, or in your box of memories. The others-reuse them. Cut off the front of the card, crop it down in size and adhere it to the front of a new card. And TA DAAA! you have yourself a card ready for a written message and ready to be sent off in the mail. If it is a card that can't be cropped down or if it's one that you don't care to reuse, pull it apart and use the accessories. Don't let that hardware and ribbon goto waste!

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