Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Busy with Birthdays!

The last 2 days I have been busy with birthdays! One thing that I love is to make my own wrapping paper. Stampin' Up! makes it really easy using their Stampin' Around Wheels. They have so many cute designs and coordinating stamp sets to match them. To get the wheeled image straight the Stampin' Around Wheel Guide makes this a breeze.
It is similar to a ruler without the numbered markings, and it is raised up. You simply put the wheel guide on your paper and line the wheel up with it and run it across the paper keeping the edge lined up with the guide. Since I didn't have the wheel guide, I used the Perfect Layers tool, and it worked like a charm! I did try a ruler also, but it didn't work. The wheel ended up going onto the ruler because the ruler is flat and not raised up like the wheel guide.
I love the personal touch that handmade wrapping paper and a coordinating card add!

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