Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Craft Room

I have slowly been getting my room put together. It's getting there. I have been organizing my supplies but as most of you know I am on a starving student's wife's budget and have had to get creative. I know how and where I want things to be. But it's the doing it without spending any money that is tricky. I have had and have seen some ideas and have implemented some of them.

One thing that I wanted was to get my supplies off my work table, but wanted them to be in arms reach so I wouldn't have to get out of my chair. I have 3 tables lined up against 2 walls to form an "L" shape. I will show you what I have accomplished thus far in my organizing on 2 of my tables.

My Main Work Station

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this set up! To hold all of my punches, I bought one of those cheap curtain rods at Walmart for 97 cents. Mounted it and taadaaaa! It works like a charm. It doesn't hold the small punches, so I store those in the bin on the table.

I don't have the color caddy to hold my ink pads and I was getting sick of them always sliding and falling when they were down on my table. Well, I was trying to figure out how to get them off my table. I had this old shelf that I have been carting around for 8 years that we've never used (driving my husband crazy). I flipped it upside down and mounted it to the wall. Flipping it gave the shelf two ends to hold the ink pads in, so they wouldn't fall off the sides. I knew if I held on to this shelf long enough I would use it some day! I love this set up. It is perfect! Right within arms reach.

I had this bin and it is perfect for holding my markers, adhesives, and scissors, etc. Things that I use all the time. Quick easy access.

This table is on the other wall just to the left of my work table. It holds some supplies and is close enough for me to grab them when working without getting up. There is still room on this table to work on if needed.

I don't have a ribbon keeper so I this is what I am using for now. (The ribbon keeper and the caddy are on my christmas list!) I have 2 wooden bbq skewers going through the middles of the ribbons to hold them upright. Yes, bbq skewers. The basket is one that I've had hanging around.

This is my scrap basket. I got this idea from my friend Angie. I keep all my scraps in large zip lock bags according to color. I have 3 colors in each bag. Then I just store the bags in this basket to keep them together.

I bought these magazine holders for 2 dollars each and am using them to hold my paper. I have decided to use my black paper rack to hold my 12 x 12 paper and projects. This gives me easy access without having to get up and get it.

I bought these containers at Walmart for 50 cents each. They were on sale. They are good for holding things that I don't use all the time. Like sponges, daubers, emboss powders, glue sticks, etc.

This is a ribbon keeper that I have, but it isn't big enough to hold my Stampin' Up! ribbon spools. So I keep non-Stampin' Up! ribbon in it. The card holder is really a picture holder that is a dollar store find.

And that's it! So far I love how my room is turning out. Finally, I have a space to stamp in that isn't going to be cluttered. I am sooooo excited. And the room is bright and cheery and it has 2 windows that look out to the back yard so I can see the boys playing. Sweet set up don't ya think? Stay tuned for more organizing pictures as I get them...


Anonymous said...

Your room looks great! A perfect retreat when you need to get away for some creative therapy.

Wife2TJ said...

Great job with your room! Looks like you can get some great creating done in there.

Angie Britt said...

I am loving the transformation! One thing that I wish I had in my craft room was refreshing on a bright day. Your storage ideas are great (I also have one of those shelves-never thought of using it that way, though). Kanani, you are one creative gal and can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!