Sunday, September 7, 2008

Congratulations carclark4!!!
You are the winning bidder.
Click here to make your payment to the Nielson fund. Once there, click on the donate to NieNie button. When you receive your email confirmation, please email me a copy ( and I will send you your cards.
Thank you to all of you who placed bids. I am glad I was able to take part in helping the Nielson family. The support and love this family has received is overwhelming. It is an awesome to see so many willing to help.


"Jany" said...

I don't know how many times I told myself that I would do an entry for this auction. I'll see if I can work some cards out too and send to you for it. I don't know how to make auctions and I don't have that many readers besides my sbs sisters and angels.

I would like to donate (not money, since I'm quite short every month) but my cards.

Kanani said...

Jany, thanks for your kindness and being willing to donate cards.

Where you are out of the country, I don't know if your cards would make it in time for my auction, as it ended on Sunday. However, I'm sure the Nielson family is need of cards to send to friends and family. Thank you cards, thanks for thinking of us, etc. If you would like to donate some, here is an address for the family to recieve cards and things in the mail.

c jane
2250 N. University Parkway #4876
Provo, Utah

Here is the wed address for the address info.

I'm sure they would be grateful.
Thanks, Jany.