Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blog Neglect

For the past little while I have been neglecting my blog......if you haven't noticed. I have been bombarded with sick kids and a clock.

All three of my kids got sick at the exact same time! Poor Isaac had a temp. of 104.9 degrees at one point. That was a little scary! They are all on the mend now and hopefully will be able to goto school tomorrow. Thank goodness for antibiotics!

Yep, if you didn't know it, I'm a clock maker-a maker of large wall clocks that is. I got a call from my friend's husband who really wanted to get his wife a clock for their anniversary. Well, he called me 4 days before. It usually takes me 7-10 days. So needless to say, I was busy working on the clock non stop.

Things have finally slowed down a bit and I am back in the game! Check back tomorrow for another post!

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