Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why you should organize your pictures

I finally braved my tote full of pictures stacked in piles. I found some pictures that I thought would be great to use with my Wanted Stampin' Up! set. (see previous post) So I shuffled through the pictures and began scrapbooking them. As I was scrapbooking, I swore I had a couple of more pictures that I remembered seeing that would be great to use. So I went back through my pictures, but I didn't see them. I must have just thought I had more pictures....

So I finished my layouts and was pretty happy with the end result. Now it was time to move onto other picutres to scrapbook. As I am collecting pictures for my new page, wouldn't cha know it, there I found 2 great pictures that I should have used in my last "Wanted" layout! Arghhh! I did go back and add one of the pictures, but it was too late to add the other without re-doing the whole page. BUMMER!

This is why you should go through ALL picutres and organize them FIRST!

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