Friday, November 30, 2007

CD Crazy!

The last 3 days, have been monotonous to say the least! I am in the primary presidency at our church, and we are making each child a cd with music from the upcoming 2008 year for their christmas present. I was put in charge of burning the music onto the cds. It's not that hard right? Just put a cd in, take it out, and do it all over again. ONE HUNDRED times! Yes, that's right, I burned 100 cds. Each cd took 11 minutes. That's 1100 minutes or 18 1/2 hours of burn time. Not only did I burn the cds, I did a cover and stamped a cute little frog on each one. Let's just say I am glad that it's over! Oh, we wrapped them all last night too!

All 100 cds!

What, you didn't know that you could stamp on cds?! Well, you can! To do so, you must use StazOn ink. You can find it on page 186 of the catalog. They come in colors of black, brown, or white. StazOn is great for stamping on nonporous surfaces. It is quick drying and permanent.

I made a couple of cds with christmas music on them for gifts, and I stamped them with snowflakes to finish them off. I know you can make a printed label, but I find that they always get stuck in my cd player. So stamping on them is a great customized alternative.

When stamping on cds you will find the surface to be "slippery". You don't want to push very hard and put pressure, or your stamp will slide and blur your image. Just a quick down up motion will give you a good image. I find that lined images work the best. Nothing big and solid. Stamping on a cd does not affect the playing of the cd.

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