Saturday, August 18, 2007

1000 Hits! BLOG CANDY!!!

I am amazed that I have already had 1000 hits. To celebrate and kick off my new stamping blog, I am giving away some blog candy! I am getting ready to move and have been cleaning out my stamp room and have some things that I am no longer using and need to clear out. Up for grabs is: ALL BRAND NEW! All Stampin' Up!
*Unmounted Stippled Stencils-Two Step Stampin' Stamp Set.
*25 Yards of Delphinium (Purple) Grograin Ribbon.
*Still in the package-Concave Square Punch

To enter, leave me a comment answering the following questions. 1. What is your best moving tip. 2. Where are you from? Please only post one time. I will randomly pick a winner on Thursday, August 23 at 12 noon.


Ijsbeer said...

1. Well I moved more 14 times in 25 years so I learned a few things along the road::)

Although it all really depends how far you are moving and how. If you are getting a moving firm to move your stuff then its defintly best to pack everything in moving boxes. Keeping old newspapers to wrap around things that can break is always good. Socks are perfect as well for protecting things.

If you are moving with your own car then its handy to pack things in your bags too so they can be popped in between the boxes.

I learned pretty fast that its good to keep a corner seperate for the things you will need until you finish moving and as soon as you have moved. By keeping this seperate its easy to mark and to refind when all your stuff is moved to a new place.

Besides unpacking the most important things; like some kitchen stuff, bed lines etc. it can be smart to unpack a room at the time. This makes it alot less messy and its easier to overview what needs to get done.

If possible its better to paint rooms (if needed) before you move in. Same goes for things that need to be fixed.

Unless you get super strong men/woman to help you it can be smart to pack book boxes only half full with boxes and then add light items on top. Books weigh a ton and even when you have strong helpers the boxes might not handle it too well.

If you have something that might get ruined when wet pack some kind of protection around it. Even when things are packed in boxes we have no control over the weather and boxes often get exposed to rain/snow etc.

Label your boxes! It really helps you refind your items. But instead of labelling them with contence (makes them attractive to thieves) label them according to which room they belong in. Of course there is no harm in labelling them with things like Kitchen Acesories, Kitchen cooking items etc. instead of labelling all Kitchen boxes with just Kitchen.

If possible move your valubels personally. Don't pack all your jewellery in a box and send it with a moving company. Collect the things you would save in a fire in a bag and move them yourself.

If you have lack of space to move stuff in fill up every empty space; hand bags, shoes etc. This is very handy when moving per plane.

This was alot more than I intended to write but...

2. I am from Norway:) I live and come from a place close to Oslo, although I only just recently moved back here.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Christine Hom said...

1. I just moved 2 years ago and my best tip is to pack a morning after bag full of paper plates, napkins, cups, instant coffee or tea packets and breakfast bars or snacks. This way, you can have some energy to tackle some unpacking. If you have kids you can pack a small bag with toys and coloring book/art supplies to keep them busy too.
2. I'm from Manalapan, NJ.
Thanks for sharing your stamping ideas.

jodene said...

Congrats to your new blog. My tip for moving is to pack one room at a time. I am from Saskatchewan, Canada. Thanks for the chance. Oh, and if can be helped don't move in the winter. LOL

Robin said...

My advice is to always use a moving company and pack your stamping supplies yourself (even better if you can keep them with you without being put into storage). The last time I moved (from WA to TN) my suitcases were all full of stamping supplies! I'm from TN. Good luck with your move!

SusanH said...

Well, my parents moved into a new house recently and my Mom's favorite "tip" was to have someone at the new house to let in the cable guy, shudder guy, and painter, while they were supervising the movers! (I got to babysit the new house that day!!)
We live in South Carolina.

Madeline Hallock said...

best moving tip: start packing early and store in a storing unit if you can. also, moving is a great time to clean, so if you have not used or even seen it in a year or more, take it to your nearest goodwill store.

i am from elgin illinois

Kristine said...

I too would say start packing early. I found the less pressure there was to get it down, the more I enjoyed it and the more time I spent "puttsing" at it. I'm from Ontario, Canada.

A Webb Of Creations said...

I live in Northern Harford County, Maryland. We moved a few years ago and than moved back to the same house three years later, so my suggestions is 1. Get a moving company and 2. If you haven't used something in the past three years, get rid of it. Thanks for the candy and good luck moving.

Linda Webb

kerianne ( said...

My moving suggestion...start early, do one area at a time, label label label and throw away stuff you don't need to move!!

I am from St. Louis.

And you blog candy is fantastic!!

Monika said...

Well, as soon as you know you will be moving start packing already! So you won't be too stressed once the day get closer, and mark the boxes. And hey, maybe start making "we just moved cards" too, ha ha.
Anyways I am from Southwestern Ontario, Canada.
Great blog candy and thanks for a chance of winning it.

Kristina Lewis said...

Throw away or give away as much as you can! Now is the time to purge! I'm from Binghamton, NY and now live in Savage, MN. I seriously want that punch!! Thanks for a chance to win such great candy!

HeyHeyPaula said...

1. My tip is to mark each box with the room where you want the contents & if possible make sure the box is put into that room when it is moved. Also this is a good time to get rid of things you don't use or want. Why move them!
2. I'm from Pasadena, MD.

Cathy said...

Congrats on 1000 hits! Sweet sweet candy you are celebrating with. My tip is...I always pack the kitchen stuff in towels, sheets, etc so I don't have to wash them when I unpack them. The newspaper always left ink on them and you had to wash everything. Good luck on your move and thanks for a chance.

Cathy said...

Sorry I forgot to let you know where I'm from. So here I go...I'm Cathy from Cleveland, Missouri.

Jan Scholl said...

I havent moved in 30 years but my kids move every year it seems. I dont move because I would have to do all the work
the best advice maybe is to pay someone to move you. that is what we did the last time with daughter and have told her never to move again.

Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

The thought of moving is so scary!
If I were to do it again, I would try to start REALLY EARLY and practice "shopping in my home" == that is, go through the rooms and pack only that which you really love/use.

Then invite people in for an Estate Sale and use the money to buy things that are specific to the new home -- things that work in the new space with the new colors, etc.

I live near Seattle on a little island called Vashon.

Alessia said...

WOOOOOOOOW 1000 hits, congrats!
Alessia from Italy

NancyS said...

Label boxes: clothing/master bedroom, china/dining room,books/den, etc.
Enlist some strong bodies to help!
I'm from Oregon.
Congrats on a very nice blog.

Ghazal( said...

Congrats on 1000 hits. I just moved 5 years ago, so i'm not very expert in this field, but i know it's better to pack your favorite and dear things yourself!
I'm from Iran.

Angel Wilde said...

LOTS of people are moving these days! We are military so are used to moving. We just moved here to Georgia in fact. My best moving tip is to use ziplocks for all of your little things AND to label the boxes as best you can so you can find things when you get to where you're going! Good luck!

cinmfoster said...

Pack one room at a time, label the box with that room or color code, and if you have a box with multiple rooms inventory sheet on the top of the box of what is actually in the box. Make sure you pack a couple of days worth of the move in day - paper plates, real pots and pans and a cooler incase the fridge gets there later or power is not on.

Courtney said...

I am from Clay Center Kansas and LOVE your blog! I have moved a ton. Number 1 tip get rid of as much stuff as you can, DONATE!!

WOW 1000 hits!

P.S. I don't want to enter the drawing I just wanted to celebrate you! Way to go!!!

Wife2TJ said...

First off beautiful blog candy, thanks for sharing it with us and Congratulations on all the hits!

1. I have only moved four times in my life. My best tip is one don't pay for boxes. I always go to the grocery stores and ask for them and they give them to us for free. This is great b/c you just toss them anyways. If you buy them they are expensive so this will save you lots of money. Also newspaper makes great packing paper.

2. I am origionally from CT. Moved to NC four years ago and absolutley LOVE it here!!! I do miss my family back home, but love the people and the area here.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!! Good luck with the move!

Nancy Riley said...

Congrats on your new blog ... it's WONDERFUL! I guess my best moving tip would be to MARK THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR BOXES as detailed as possible. No matter how organized I think I am there's always something I can't find! Good luck!

Reality Show Reject said...

My best moving tip is to pack up the kitchen first. That's usually the room I have the most stuff in, so it works well with me. And what I tried to do is move my kitchen stuff in before anything else and get unpacked so at least the kitchen is ready when we move in. I'm from Kentucky.

Pattyjo said...

This will be the most important moving tip...LOL...pack the roll of toilet paper last, so you can get it first. Set up an make your bed first, so when your tired for the day you can sleep in your own bed. Very important!
I am from Spokane Washington, I know your in Idaho, but I am not familar with the town your in...we are kind of neighbors though, Washington & Idaho. I was born in Spiritlake Idaho. In your Kaaiakamanu family reunion picture are there twins? Two of the men look just alike to me? where are you moving to? In one of your posts you said your husband went to work, but that was Utah.?? Sorry just curious about things like that.

Linda SS said...

I'm from Washington & I'm the wrong person to ask about moving tips as I'm still not unpacked from the last move of almost 4 years ago! We downsized from a 7 bedroom home and the timing on the sale of our house couldn't have come at a WORSE time. It was Christmas, my dad had just passed away, and I had just been diagnosed with cancer. I was too exhausted to do anything except call the Goodwill to come over & pick up 128 boxes of stuff as well as lots of furniture, bikes, etc. I let the movers pack everything else and it has been a nightmare. I hate moving so badly, that the next time I move, it will be in a hearst:)

scfranson said...

Wonderful blog! Moving tip: as much as you want to pack each box full don't, you don't want them too heavy. Take toilet paper with you to the new house in the car so that if you need it, you have it!

Melanie aka Batgirl said...

y best tip is I put everything into banana boxes! they are free and I only use them so I can use a dolly and every box fits nicly and I dont worry about stacking they stack all good too!

Im from BC Canada!

Angie Britt said...

Congrats, Kanani! Wow 1000 hits but, it's a GREAT blog!

Pack everything by room in which you'll want it when you get there. I would definately say, hit up the grocery/department stores for boxes. My mom works in a grocery store and the Banana boxes are GREAT for moving (very sturdy & easy to handle).

When are you all moving?

St. Louis, MO

janet allen said...

I have learned to pack everything myself so I know what's in the boxes, can wrap the sentimental pieces with more caution, and only pack what's needed. I give a lot to my friends & family and charity so I have a lot less to move that way.

CAKVD said...

Hello! I'm Cheryl from Wisconsin. I've moved a lot in the last few years! My tip is to hire movers to carry stuff. That way you can't get mad at your best buddies if they drop something!!
Cheryl KVD

Stamp Paper Scissors said...

My moving tip is try to use the same size boxes. I work in the office of a Direct Mail facility, the last time I moved I got boxs from work and couldn't beleive how much easier and better packed the moving truck was!

I'm from Bloomsburg, PA.

Good luck on your move!


kamstamper said...

My tip for moving is...don't! Ok, since that won't work, I have found:
1. Pack one room at a time.

2. Label the boxes with the contents from the room that you are packing...that way you aren't madly searching for the coffee maker the next morning.

3. Be at the new house so that you can direct the movers to put your possessions in the proper rooms.

Lilian said...

i have moved around the world since i was three... and let me tell ya... i hate packing!! one tip: don't over stuff your boxes. make sure that u are keeping the boxes at an even weight so that u are not breaking ur back! fill it half way with books and then with stuffed animals, or something like that.

thanks for the chance to win! :)

melissa roth said...

Mark on all 4 sides of the box in big felt pen letters which room in the house the contents go in. If the house you are moving into needs painting or new carpet, have it done BEFORE moving in. Good luck to you. I live in Spokane, WA.

Keikicakes said...

1. I've moved from Hawaii to Oregon back to Hawaii then to Florida and now to Texas.

My best tip is to take pictures of the contents in the boxes and tape it to the front of the box. This way you don't have to open the box to see what is inside.

2. I'm a Texan!

Quilt Nut said...

best moving tip? start as soon as possible with the packing. moving day always comes faster than you think!

i'm from BC Canada. found your blog off SCS gallery-love your work :)

carla mcguire said...

Hi there,
My best moving tip: Clean as you move that way you don't keep bringing "junk" from one house to another. It's sounds like a pain, but it never get to your new home and months later, you still have boxes to unpack...and what's in them, THE JUNK YOU NEVER USED BEFORE....
Hope this helps. : )

I live in Shelton, CT. The beautiful East Coast. About 5 years ago, we sold our first house ,purchased my parents house that I grew up in and added an in-law apartment. It' sgreat. I now live in the town AND house I grew up in and the best part is that my kids go to the same school and play in the same parks as I did. It's just really nice.

Best of luck to you in your move.

Leesa B said...

Congrats on your 1,000 hits! I found packing your kitchen breakables with\and in kitchen linens like towels helps keep them breaking and your packing two things at once. I am fom the Atlanta, Georgia area. Good luck on your move!

Daz said...

Congrats on 1000 hits! Hm, most of the great tips have been given. Purge as much as you can. We moved from Washington state to Georgia and I actually bought an invoice pad (duplicate) and put the major things that were in the boxes on the pad, copy went in box, original went with me. Boxes numbered the same as invoice. Was able to find everything that I need.

michaela said...

Good luck on your move. I'm going off to college in a couple weeks so this will be the first move for me. My advice throughout life is to keep your possessions to a minimum. That way there will be much less to move:) If there is anything that I have learned so far in life, I really do know that money and "stuff" really DON'T bring happiness.

Krista Williams said...

My best moving tip is to to get of anything you can! I also suggest labeling the box on the outside of what room it goes in so it can be put immediately in that room when moving. Auburn, Wa. Krista