Sunday, July 15, 2007

Baby Shower Ideas

Today was my Sister in Law's baby shower. I helped do a couple of things for it so I thought I would share some ideas.

Scrapbook Page
I made a scrapbook page for everyone who attended the shower to jot down a note to the new mother to be, and to sign their name so she knew who came to her shower. Then she was able to put the page in the baby's scrapbook.
Party Favors
These are very simple, but can be a little time consuming depending on how many you are doing. I love these and make them all the time for different occasions. I've used them for baby & bridal showers, kid's halloween party, school parties, etc. I filled these with Hershey nuggets and Hershey kisses.
Now for my first blog tutorial!!! (I started to stamp in pink ink, but I didn't think it would show up, so midway I switched to black.)
To make these cute party favors you will need the following supplies:
*Envelopes 4 1/8" x 9 1/2" 1 envelope makes 2 favors
*Cardstock, Stamps and Inks of your choice
*1/4" round hole punch
*Decorative scissors
*1 3/8" round hole punch
*snail adhesive
Seal the envelope shut and stamp the envelope on both sides.

Cut the envelope in half.

With the sealed side up, and the opened end at the top fold both sides in about 3/4" and do the same to the bottom.

Reach your hand in and open up the envelope, with your other hand flatten down the end to make the bottom of your bag. This will leave you with two little flaps. Use your adhesive and glue the flaps down. Once you glue your flaps down your bag should sit upright.

Punch out thank you with hole punch and adhere to the front of the bag.

Cut a piece of cardstock 2 1/2" x 3" (dimensions may vary) fold in half and cut one bottom edge with decorative scissors. Fill bags with candy, etc.
Pinch the sides in at the top of the bag and close the top. Put the cardstock over the top of the closed bag.

Using the 1/4" hole punch, punch 2 holes for the ribbon. Thread ribbon starting from back and going to the front, over to the other hole going to the back, and crossing over in the back and back through the hole to the front. Pull ribbon tight and trim ends for a finished product!
Stamped Onsie

This cute gift is always a big hit! I stamped the name Kalea (pronounced Ka as in cut and lea as in Princess Lea) using Stampin' Up!'s craft ink. For specific instructions on treating, heat setting, and stamping on material send me an email at:

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Debbie said...

Thanks again for the nice baby shower that you gave Britt!! The scrapbook page and the thank you gifts were sooo cute!! As well as the cute onsies. She had a good time and appreciated all that you and Helena did. It is great to have such wonderful sister-in-laws!! -- Debbie